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 I paint internationally for a living and have for the past 42 years. Though portraiture has always been my first love, I also enjoy creating landscapes and still-life compositions. Between 1985 and 1995 traditional exhibitions of my work were rare by choice. My commission schedule demanded full attention and exhibitions were too time conssuming. But at the behest of past collectors I began showing again - but only works which were comissioned in advance. These shows are entitled: Patron Exhibitions. The first Patron Exhibition (1996) was unveiled at a private champagne reception for commissioning Patrons. Approximately every 2 years since, a Patron Exhibition has been held - displaying work motivated by sketching expeditions to Paris, Jerusalem, Provence, Florence, Siena, Venice and Bermuda. My medium of choice for more than 40 years has been alkyd-oils over the more popular acrylic and traditional oil colours. My second favourite medium is graphite, followed closely by colored pencils. Among other commissions I have created two and three-dimensional mural works. Several of the three dimensional murals and bronze works can be seen in institutional collections in Ottawa, Canada. (You can visit my website at: www.poulinstudios.com to see these works.) When asked, I sometimes lecture and do international workshops and conferences. I love to write and have completed a few books. I am a member of the Bermuda Society of the Arts, the Bermuda National Gallery and the Masterworks Foundation of Bermuda, the National Gallery of Canada and CARFAC.