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I strive to continuously learn, experiment, and evolve.  For me, the learning process is just as satisfying as the painting process.  In the past I used a very large array of colors on my palette.  Now I use a very limited palette confined to the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow with premixed warm and cool grays of various value.  I’ve also learned to think in terms of the attributes of color rather than just “color”.  When I mix paint I’m thinking of value, relative color temperature, color saturation and hue.  I use warm and cool grays to modify the attributes of the primary colors.   My best work is when I do my thinking on the palette, mixing, fitting in pools of paint with the rest of the pools of paint I’ve mixed for various objects, planes, shadows, recession, light and sky.  Once all is worked out on the palette (a large palette) I’m free to put the knowledge in my subconscious background and create the painting without much pause for thought allowing my creative and impulsive side to take control.

I paint for galleries, teach workshops, and produce instructional DVD's.