My Bio

Welcome to Artist Daily!  Is this awesome or what?

I am one of the Consumer Marketing Managers at Interweave in beautiful Loveland, Colorado!  I manage the circulation our four art publications: American Artist, Watercolor and Drawing.   What does it mean to "manage circulation" you ask?  Well, I have the responsibility of promoting our magazines in a way that makes people want to subscribe and receive the magazine.  I love working here and I love my job! 

My other interests include refinishing my house, gardening, reading books, cross stitch and raising my kids (the latter includes the kids, dog, and husband)  Big Smile

If you aren't familiar with our magazines, I hope you will take a few moments to check them out!  Just visit our Subscriber Services page.  While there, you can subscribe to the magazines for yourself or give a gift subscription to someone.  If you already have a subscription and need to pay your bill, change your address or renew your subscription, you can do all of that in our Subscriber Services area as well!

You can even subscribe to our magazines in digital format! Just go to the Subscriber Services area and click on "Order your Digital Subscription" next to the magazine of your choice! It's that simple!