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  • All Media Photo Challenge

    Welcome to the All Media Photo Challenge! The goals of this forum are to have fun, keep ourselves painting and meeting artistic challenges on a regular basis, and come together and encourage each other to do the same! The All Media Photo Challenge...
  • Arctic Tern

    This is the second picture from my friend's Antarctic trip mentioned previously. Done in Acrylic on a 12" X 16" canvas.
    by otch
  • Dragon Fly Watercolor

    8x10 watercolor painting on Arches 140 CP. Some work with iridescent paints.... not too visible in a photograph.
  • Lightkeeper

    LIGHTKEEPER. Acrylic on linen, 24" x 36". Collection, Government of Ireland A patch of misty light catches the old lightkeepers' cottages above the Baily lighthouse. The paths through the grasses lure the wanderer towards the towering cliffs...
  • Member Gallery

    Members of the Artist Daily community can upload images of their work here. Please do not violate copyright laws and upload pictures that are not yours! Artist Daily staff and member artists would appreciate your limiting the number of uploads each day...
  • Prometeme que vas a cerrar Los ojos

  • Re: Canyon Light

    Always helps to upload the painting doesn't it?!
  • Still life oil painting

    Representational narrative still life oil painting on panel
    by msotelo
  • Waymouth St - 1925

    There's nothing like a few vintage cars, rain and fancy street lights to capture a bit of nostalgia. Waymouth St - 1925 - acrylic on board - 30x30cm Available at Flagstaff Hill Rotary Art Show in April 2013
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