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An American Bully Cop Attacks an Intellectual Metaphysical Bicyclist. And a Man of God too! By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr.! 

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If you enjoy looking at my artwork, please feel free to copy any of my drawings and hang them on a wall, esp. in a nice frame. Enjoy!

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FYI ....The  current close up portraits were drawn from the book of photographed portraits, 'ONE, By KEN OHARA'    Not all of my portraits are from this book. 


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As you and the other viewers can assume by the numbers, I am posting these portraits in the reverse order from the order they were drawn.  I am doing this for a few reasons. One reason is to show and demonstrate to the beginning and even professional artists that my later portrait drawings were better and improved than my first portrait drawings.  That was and is a very natural process. That means that there was a learning curve, and even an experimental learning curve for trying new drawing techniques.  I am not ashamed of any mistakes because I learned from my mistakes, but I also tried not to repeat them again.

The second reason for posting these portrait drawings the way I did was to demonstrate the need for constant practice for constant improvement, along with the need for mental drawing and artistic maintenance.  One needs to practice to remain mentally sharp.

I plan to post portraits 100 and over 100 after I post my very first, or number one, portrait drawing of this style.

I hope this message is an inspiration to everyone who is a beginning artist and even to the advanced artist too.

When I drew these portraits and my ambidextrous drawings, etc. I had not planned on having them viewed by anyone, and most certainly not on the World Wide Web at a place like Artist Daily.  So I want to give a very BIG THANKS to Artist Daily and to everyone who works there to make Artist Daily such a great success, esp. for us unknown artists who simply enjoy having viewers enjoy viewing the artwork we have so much fun creating.

My yearly lectures can be read at

At the end of the year, I will be posting my yearly lecture which on person no earth will want to miss. Of course, that yearly lecture will be posted at and at

For the viewers information, drawing and writing with two hands, meaning using both sides of my brain, started out as my own mental and brain experiment.  Hopefully,  I will finish writing a book about the subject and my personal experience before I die.  That being stated, drawing with two hands is truly about drawing with both sides of the human brain both as independent entities and as connected entities.  Just in case you did not know this fact, there are two sides of the human brain, but they are connected, to keep the language very simple.  By drawing and writing with two hands, meaning using both sides of the human brain, or even by playing a musical instrument, you are in fact using both sides of the human brain.   But there are times when using both sides of the brain, meaning connecting  both sides together to form a 'bigger and better' brain, should indeed put a different perception on brain development in general, and individually, as in my personal case study.  In the end, I hope that readers learn more about their own brains and minds, and states of consciousness.  Why?  Because that is the only true answer to many of mankind's present and future problems here on earth. 


BUT A WORD OF CAUTION!  But a word of caution!   Please do not try to draw like with two hands if you have to get up in the morning to go to work or school.  In other words, be careful not to overwork your brain!  Drawing with two hands is beyond the everyday normal brain activity for the general human brain.  If you decide to try to draw with two hands, go slow and for a short period of time.  Test your brain to see how much it can take.



I created two photo albums of these two handed drawings on my facebook page, under my name, George D. Patnoe., Jr!

If you like reading, please check out for my 52 Stories in 52 Weeks, and for my very deep and profound mini lectures.  Last years lecture is titled, 'Consciousness: The Connection Between God, The Divine Mind, and the Human Brain."

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