Miguel de Sousa

52 years old
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My Bio

Born in Lisbon Portugal I lived my youth in Sintra, a place where artists have an endless source of inspiration for writing (Lord Byron) or painting. My professional life made me travel around the world and since about 8 years ago I started to paint as a way to relax from my busy day life. And then I was hooked. Painting portraits is my passion but I do not have much more walls to place them in my house anymore, hence I also started to paint seascapes, landscapes and city views. London has so much happening and so much opportunities to be inspired - museums, art schools and places where to be inspired for a nice paint.

When I'm paintImg I 'm always thinking in someone, either a friend, a colleague or someone from my family, and they become somehow related with that paint. So I end up to put it in a nice frame and offer it to that friend, colleague or family. I also like to share as I do here and I hope anyone who have a look to my paints give me as much feedback as possible so I can improve, paint better and continue inspired.