Lyne M

51 years old
North of Montreal Laurentians
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My Bio

 Now that I have more time, I never taught I could paint, I was playing music.

I am having fun since many years, with many mediums, creating was something I missed, to me it is important, I also played music, but now I decided to have fun, with oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencils, gravite pastels, etc.  Enjoying  creating !  I am sorry if I make mistakes here on the site, I am french ;-) so some terms or writing

C& c are welcome, thank you !!  You are all very inspiring !  Anything to improve my work is welcome !  Have a good day !



  • 3 Apr 2014
  • restaurant / paintings

    Did not put all of them here

    But I am thinking about it, a man offered me to put some of my paintings in his restaurant... !