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My Bio

Creating art is a inner necessity to express my self, like a primal behavior.

I've started working in scientific and young children illustration, in the late 80’s. After participated in some art showings and some of my illustrations published, a professional career detour into the field of Archaeological and Architectural Heritage Conservation, altered the original direction of my life.

Nevertheless, compulsive observer, I use the visual memory as the map of my world recording the subjects of my interest, as architecture and urban places, people, the mundane, and the sea, as a pretext to sketching. A daily exercise. That’s why I love work with watercolors and oil painting but my favorite mediums are Pen and Ink, Ballpoint pen and Pencil.

One of my finest teaching experiences was that of having a course of illustration and painting with the famous Portuguese artist Maria Keil (1914-2012).

I am currently preparing an exhibition of illustrations, which will occur later this year.

I have a blog with some of my daily sketches and thoughts that you can visit: