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I was twelve years old when I began training under professional artist and illustrator Marit Guild, learning the foundations of representational art. After high school, Marit recommended that I continue my education at her Alma Mater, Pensacola Christian College, under the tutelage of Society of Illustrators member Mr. Brian Jekel—which is exactly what I did, graduating summa *** laude with my Bachelor of Science degree in visual arts with a concentration in commercial art.

I passionately love Art; however, first and foremost, I passionately love Jesus Christ. I paint only by his grace and for his glory. As an artist, I want my art not only to be masterful in technique, but also to engage the viewer's mind. My artistic influences include great past American, Russian, and European masters including John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, William Bouguereau, and Ilya Repin, as well as contemporary masters such as Richard Schmid, Mian Situ, Scott Christensen, and Daniel Gerhartz. These artists exemplify the union of technique and narrative that I also hope to achieve. Inspiration for paintings comes from many places; however, the most compelling subject matter for me is narrative figurative compositions and coastal or mountainous landscapes.


  • 10 Feb 2011
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