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  • All Media Photo Challenge

    Welcome to the All Media Photo Challenge! The goals of this forum are to have fun, keep ourselves painting and meeting artistic challenges on a regular basis, and come together and encourage each other to do the same! The All Media Photo Challenge...
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  • Discover possibilities

    Experiment for material painting. I made a simple example for applying some technics to one of the first abstract try-outs at the senior painting club. They had fun and did discover,( as I did too), the different outcomes of the " raking across the...
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  • Fishing on the Frying Pan River

    12"x16" oil on linen bd
  • Member Gallery

    Members of the Artist Daily community can upload images of their work here. Please do not violate copyright laws and upload pictures that are not yours! Artist Daily staff and member artists would appreciate your limiting the number of uploads each day...

    OLEO S/TELA 0.60X0.90
  • Quiet Dawn at Quitsa

    Quiet Dawn at Quitsa by Mary Sipp-Green, 2008, oil, 36 x 50. Courtesy Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach, Florida. This image was featured in "Respond to What Paintings Need," a feature article that appeared in the May 2009 issue of American...

    Jen a sweet beach scene. I am not brave enough to not scetch the detail. Great job. Sarah your watercolors are wonderful. I am amazed at the detail and movement you achieve from life. Your clouds and water are wonderful.

    Thank you all for commenting so positive about my photos. I kind of got cut short on pictures to choose from because I was doing my 31 day challenge and when my old computer crashed I lost all my save pictures. No nealy I am not doing it again this month...
  • Re: Challenge # 33 - July 2013

    Sam , what looks like a waterfall is a road, but I didn't make that clear. I'll either remove it or put a car on it! Thanks for the tip - it's so easy to think our intent as artists is clear, so I doubly appreciate the feedback.
  • Re: Challenge CHATTER - 2014

  • Re: Challenge CHATTER - 2014

    Thank you Jen! If anybody is interested in the final book of the slug, you can contact me over the conversation link and I could give you a Link to a pdf. This is my homepage. All in german so. http://www.antikemaltechnik.de

    Thank you everybody for the nice comments on the dog and cupcake. Thank you Sarah for the extra help, much appreciated, I see what I can do.
  • Snack Time 8"x10" oil

    Do any of these this below to enter to win one of three abstract paintings I am giving away at the end of May. sign up for my newsletter go here "like" my fanpage go here To go to my website click here To sign up for my blog (go to the right...
  • The Dancer 5"x7" mixed media

    Abstract Weekend Day #2- This weekend and next I am doing abstracts based on other artist's realistic works. This one is based on Van Gogh's "Courtesane." I find it interesting that I am basing mine on an artist who based his on another...
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