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Artist Statement By ArtistMom,

Alice Y. Seguin Sawicki

My name is Alice Sawicki, I am a Canadian Northern Ontario artist, born & raised in Timmins, ON.
I have always been a creative person, whether it be sewing, writing, decorating, poetry, quilting, gardening
or painting murals on my children’s bedroom walls or other walls in the house.
(My husband would come home from work and ask me what wall I painted today. )
In the 1980’s my husband & I /children moved to Englehart. It is about that time in my life I really became
involved with art. I joined the Kirkland Lake Arts club, became funding member & President of
Englehart Art club & remained a member of that club for 15 yrs. I have a thirst for learning all that I
can & attended numerous workshops to improve my skills as an artist; I was using oils & acrylics then.
A short time later is when I discovered the importance of using Artist Quality material versus Student
Quality & how using the right material can make or brake you as an artist.
I started my own Art Supply Shop from my home and learn a lot about various supplies & Watercolours
caught my eye & I soon learned that colour mixing in watercolours would be a whole other journey. I
was hooked alright. Once I discovered the rainbow of luminous colours in watercolours there was no
turning back; it literally lit up my life. These pigments radiate excitement on the paper. I saw the light;
“literally”. In no time at all I realized how wonderful watercolour painting could be once I learn a few
techniques & the importance of artist quality material & how to use it to my advantage. I wanted to
sharpen my skills even more & so I continued to experiment. This too was another important eye opening
experience for me.
Once I had a taste of the world of watercolour painting I wanted to share with others, “my other world”.
I taught painting at Jsano School of Arts & personal lessons in my home studio. When instructing workshops
I insisted on “artist quality materials”. I would demonstrate by using Students /Artist Quality
materials & once students seen with their own eyes the difference; there is no need for explanations.
There are a lot of people out there that have no idea on mixing colours (any medium) & give up painting,
blaming themselves when things don’t work out. I know, I’ve been there myself but I kept at it &
often ask myself “What If”?
I have been painting for well over twenty-five years & have won prizes & awards.
To view my accomplishments go to: .
Watercolours make my heart sing like know other medium ever has. Today, I share these watercolour
skills with others, it gives me great pleasure watching the expressions on their faces when they get that
“Aha moment”
Alice Y. Seguin Sawicki

Alice is planning for a Traveling Art Exhibition For 2012 & 2013. Watch for advertisement.

You can view her accomplishments on her website: