Winter Pine

5″ x 5″ oil painting on panel. Pine tree in winter landscape

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Kay Morgan

About Kay Morgan

Mainly a self taught artist. I have been painting for 20 years. I enjoy teaching advanced drawing.

For me, a dramatic painting starts with a precise drawing of my subject mater. I love using the

high drama of bright lights against the deepest darks to add depth and visual interest to my work.

I paint mainly in oils & watercolor but enjoy other mediums too.  Portrait work is becoming my all time love.

4 thoughts on “Winter Pine

    1. Thank you for the kind comment on my work. I have not been posting much on here as well. I do not like the format at all. When I go to look at the art others have posted, for example, if I click on still life, I get about 8 pieces of art to look at. There is no next page to see more art. I simply can’t find where all the art and artist are. There is also no contact tab for asking questions to administrators. Do you have a website? Are you on FB? Would like to see your artwork!! Kay