Washed Up 8″x10″ oil

First some complaining…I had a really hard time getting good photos today as everything has a glare. I am re-doing, fixing up, or repainting some things I have previously done. Although I don’t necessarily solve all the problems, I am learning a ton from the exercise and am much happier with the results. Some artists just stop when it isn’t working and start a new painting, but I tend to prefer to work on it until I apply enough of what I know to make it work out satisfactorily, at least to my current standards. Hopefully the bar will go up in my expectations over time. This is from one of our gorgeous lakes in a state park and now I don’t think it is all washed up!

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Christine Holzschuh

About Christine Holzschuh

I am a self taught artist who has been influenced by the following people:  my mom (June Hovekamp Osgood), Sean Dye, Jane Neroni, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine, and Qiang Huang.  I am painting daily now after a career in education.  Art is my passion and I am learning every day.