Vanity’s Veil

Oil Painting Painted for a very special person in my life, Vanity’s Veil reflects several different stages of this person. I threw everything I could remember about her, and her likes (and dislikes). I really had fun doing it. And cradled within this scene, is a very strange looking chair, I couldn’t symbolically leave a very important person in her life out?
The overall look of the painting kept me memorized throughout the entire work. I was fascinated and captured by the look, color and composition! Certain images just wanted to jump out and join me in the “real world”. My most favorite portion has got to be the hands and the vest! Keep looking you’ll find more images and dark figures within the juxtaposition of the obvious. Enjoy this work, I surely did… jacabo.
Vanity’s Veil is the anchor work, “Your Pretty Face Collection. It’s 48 in. x 48 in., oil on canvas.

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