Venus Humanitus

Second Prize, Mixed Media

by Lisa Sawlit, 2008-09, Oil over Acrylic Imprimatura,  72" x 40", Collection the Artist.

Prize:  $700 Utrecht ArtSmart Value Card

This year’s show features Sawlit’s specialized case study for classically skilled painters entitled Venus, Humanitas. It is a unique addition to the iconic history of Venus as it dovetails traditional atelier painting techniques with new advancements in visual technologies which Sawlit developed together with master print-maker Steve Miller and technical experts from Nikon Camera, Epson, Adobe, Golden Paints, Gamblin, and Moab Archival Technologies. Sawlit’s full-scale preparatory sketches will be included in the show along with technical notes by the artist. Venus, Humanitas is a state-of-the-art painting intended for a twenty-first-century audience."–The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, August 2009.

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