Two (wet lands of “Dubee” district sanghar)

oil on canvas

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Saba Leghari

About Saba Leghari

I am Teaching Assistant in the Institute of Art & Design, University of Sind Jamshoro.I have been learning art academically since 2010, when I entered in the University of Sindh Jamshoro. I have learned painting under the guidance of Mr. Najeebullah Shah Rashdi, Assistant Professor in the department of Fine Arts, University of Sind Jamshoro. He taught me basics of painting in the foundation year and then started guiding me on personal basis. I work in oil in impasto, and my basic inspiration is nature. Whatever inspires me in my surroundings, I just put it on my canvas with heart and soul. Now days I am working upon two series: Land-scape series 2014-2015 & The Glorious Sun.

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