Shades of Gray Drawing Competition Gallery

Artist Daily community members show what they are working on. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media are all represented, and works can be complete or in progress. This online art gallery includes the art competition submissions for the Shades of Gray art contest.

Nothing is Permanent

Artwork inspired by the idea that nothing is permanent. The shipwreck in the forest seems to be an odd thing and something that would possibly not happen, but in this artwork it represents that even something that is unlikely to break can be broken. Ink, marker and pen on paper,


Trompe De L'iole style of realism using Charcoal and graphite pencils. This picture at first seems like an almost normal still life but in reality is anything but that. It is a visual play-on-words as the "flies" are drawn to the banana believing the picture to be real. Two of the flies are In the picture while…