RENAISSANCE I by Peter vd Woude

“Dit schilderij is ontstaan tijdens de cursus ‘Traditionele olieverf technieken, Schilderen naar de traditie van de oude meesters’, waar ik de gewoonte heb om samen met mijn cursisten ‘mee op’ te schilderen.

Alleen zò heb ik de garantie dat ik steeds op ‘ongeveer het zelfde punt in het schilderproces’ ben als zij, met dezelfde (of vergelijkbare) praktische problemen en moeilijkheden. Met voor mij de mogelijkheid om mijn cursisten te wijzen op specifieke schilderstechnieken en de mogelijke toepassing daarvan.

Dit keer wilde ik iets maken in de schilderstijl van de Renaissance schilders, met een moderne twist erin. Maar dan wèl zo, dat het geheel recht zou doen aan de veelal mysterieuze uitstraling van veel van de schilderijen uit die tijd.”

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About Peter vd Woude

I like to compare color and technique with music and rhythm, the subjects and compositions with lyric and poetry. I just want to invite the viewer to remain in front of my paintings, not feel rejected by them. The longer they linger, the better my chance to communicate with them. I prefer to paint moods, in color, so the viewer gets a sense, rather than just a view, of what is being felt.Artists, composers, singers, dancers or writers all have a memorable effect. But sometimes, it is more valuable to notice something not quite so obviously stirring. Often just by a glance - at the fashion section of a magazin, the non-posed images of particular models backstage, the structure of their faces still appealing to the light at moments when they are less self-conscious and distracted from anyone else.This all could be a singularity that helps me for a painting to have its own story. The added benefit is, that I feel I have noticed something that someone else might have missed.I like to sketch in acrylic because it dries quickly and allows me to follow my impulses. Than I finish my paintings off in oilpaint.The women and man in my paintings are my memories of those I once saw or met - their mood often somber and brooding. My paintings are dark, because I try to only give an idea, a feeling, not every detail. Painting is a wonderful way of communicating. It can be hard to explain everything that I feel and, in some way, people understand when they look at my work better than I could ever say.Besides writing books and painting oils, Peter works in the IT-business in the ancient Hanze-town of Deventer, the Netherlands, and lives in the nearby village of Twello with his wife, his son and his son's most beautiful Icelandic girlfriend. His website: