Portrait 29 /42 Pencil Drawing: ( Right Hand ) By Mr. George D. Patnoe. Jr!

A Note to the Viewer:

This is the right hand of an ambidextrous portrait 42 pencil drawing that was posted for portrait # 42.  

The real # 29 portrait pencil drawing was an experiment with ink that was simply not suitable for posting.  But, since I also forgot to post the right hand # 42 portrait pencil drawing with the left hand # 42 portrait pencil drawing by not simultaneously posting both of them at the same time, I am using the right hand portrait # 42 pencil drawing here.

They are ambidextrous portrait pencil drawings, which means that I used both hands to draw both portraits at the same time. 

The left hand portrait pencil drawing is here: /downloadable/portrait-42-pencil-drawing-left-hand-by-mr-george-d-patnoe-jr

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