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living things

Drawing / Sketch power of strenght and unity . with beautiful designed trunk .the big ears claps the nature .when i look into you i feel the giant look ,confidence, love.with beautiful eyes and the body



Drawing / Sketch when i see through you i can feel and see the love , the feelings, the tears., worried sufferings,lies,trust. i can see the beauty of each in your life


Frozen love

Acrylic Painting Abstract acrylic painting, i like to create contrasting paintings with an element of bitter sweet.


Vanity’s Veil

Oil Painting Painted for a very special person in my life, Vanity’s Veil reflects several different stages of this person. I threw everything I could remember about her, and her likes (and dislikes). I really had fun doing it. And cradled within this scene, is a very strange looking chair, I couldn’t symbolically leave a…