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Artist Daily community members show what they are working on. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media are all represented, and works can be complete or in progress.

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Snow Leopard

Acrylic Painting Snow Leopard, work in progress. Painting in Chroma Interactive Acrylics. This is a new technique for me, no specific style. Save


Old Lady

Drawing / Sketch Digital sketch of an old woman from imagination. You may see a full gallery of my artwork visiting my instagram: Save


Water Nymph

Oil Painting Water Nymph is only 20 in. X 16 in. oil on canvas painting. Here I continue my desire to experiment with my Whimsically Bizarre Surrealistic theory. The images are simply and I’ve pulled back on the heavy use of color in order to blend the hidden images better. One challenge here I must…


Watering Hole

Drawing / Sketch Well – what about Watering Hole? I like it (12 in. x 18 in., charcoal, pencil & conte on charcoal paper). Everyday brings new and unusual images to light. Enjoy it first for what it is, then look for what is hidden. Maybe you might “envision” something different then what I do?…


Prima Ballerina

Drawing / Sketch Prima Ballerina is one of my early surrealistic drawings. It’s 14 in. X 17 in. I used charcoal, pencil and conte on charcoal paper. I began to develop my theory of the Whimsically Bizarre; combining strange replacements for body parts but carefully creating an artistic feel rather than an illustrative one. jacabo…