Oil painting for Canada 150th anniversary of Confederation

Oil Paintings Around 1867, Canada fathers made a wise decision and outstanding efforts to get Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic and made the decision to build railway throughout Canada from the east to the west. In the railway of rocky mountain, the most difficult and key section, had tens of thousands of Chinese workers involved in, it estimated that three Chinese workers died for every mile of track they laid.
No the dream, no Canada today; No the railway, the dream just was a dream.


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About Linglei Lu

I used to be a computer engineer in China. After retirement, my wife and I migrated to Toronto to help my daughter to take care of 3 children. Now a pair of twins is 4 years old, a little boy for 5 months. Although the housework is very busy, I still try to squeeze time through the video to learn painting, in order to enrich my life. Canada is prepared to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017 and inviting all Canadians to take part in, So I got this idea, use oil painting to express the great historical moment, to cherish the memory of our ancestors. I was an amateur, first time to draw such as major history painting, its difficulty as can be imagined. But I was determined to try it. From access to information, collection of pictures, composition, modification, after 6 months of hard work, I finally completed the two paintings I am very pleased that I participated in the 150th celebration in my own practical action. I enjoy this whole drawing process very much and now I’d like to share my experience and my works with all others.