Memoriam: Of Life and Death

In life, one thing that is black and white is you live and you die. For it is only in the way that we live that brings color to that cut and dry truth. These Cubist style roses are abstractly representative of my Grandmother that passed away 6 months ago. She lived a life that gave color to an otherwise colorless world. The buds of the roses representing her life in full bloom on the left, coming to a close as a bud on the right.

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Whitney Tomlin

About Whitney Tomlin

I am a 30 year old, mother of three.  I started painting after Christmas time in December of 2009.  I am a self taught artist.  I love art.  I want to do everything I can to use this ability that God gave me to paint, to be able to give back to people around me.  I especially want to focus on young women.  I would like to offer up free or VERY inexpensive art lessons to young women, and use art as an avenue to teach these girls self-worth.  If you art interested in hearing more about what I am doing you can read more in depth about it on my website