Wolves Reclining


16" X 20"

Original:  $1,800

Prints available on archival paper, watercolor paper or canvas.  Can be printed in black and white or sepia.

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Richard Harvey

About Richard Harvey

I work in pencil, watercolor,  pastels and acrylics  on just about any subject...from cowboys to cobras and ballerinas  to bobcats.  Even if I am doing a commission, I try to do something. in each piece that I have never done before even if it's only part of the painting or drawing.  I encourage my advanced students to do the same thing since it does nothing but expand their capabilities and give them a broader creative outlook.

My work appears in private collections throughout  the United States as well as in Canada, South America, Australia,  New Zealand and several European countries..  

I teach drawing classes and conduct workshops and seminars and I am also writing a book...THE ART OF PENCIL.