" Wintertime "

" Wintertime "



30 cm x 40 cm

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H.G.W. Schmidt

About H.G.W. Schmidt

  Werner Schmidt was born 1945 in Germany, is an Illustrater and Graphic Designer who has worked for many years with an international book publisher. His paintings have taken him all over the Mediterranean, exclusively in Portugal and Tuscany (Italy), where he organised several exhibitions. The artist is exhibiting also continuously at the Arundel Art Trail, West Sussex England.. His landscapes and still lifes express the beauty of the rich colours and simplicity of the Mediterranean countries and are usually commenced on location and completed in the studio. His paintings are held in private collections in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy and in the USA. My webadress is: wernerschmidtpaintings.com But you have to copy this in to your bowser!