Windows of France, #1

2009, 28 1/8" X 39 1/2" on Prepared Illustration Board.

This painting was inspired by a recent trip my wife and I took to the South of France, more specifically Nice. This particular piece was done in my home studio from a photograph I took during that trip. The overall shape of the window, its shutters and the shadows cast around it are what appealed to me most about this particular composition. The reflections in the glass of the building across the street and the gorgeous blue of the sky that makes the light around the Mediterranean Sea such an attraction for artists, was also a major influence while painting this piece. This is the first time in several years that I have worked on this size and scale with soft pastels. I found it to be a challenge and a rewarding experience while creating this art, and I look forward to painting another of the numerous photos I took of the unique windows and architecture we found all over the beautiful city of Nice.

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