Wind Turbines

It seems like a place familiar but unknown at the same time.  The hills roll along as you are driving and the waves of undulating grasses, sometimes green, but mostly yellow bend to the mad will of the wind.  All of a sudden, a megalith appears on the horizon, then disappears, and reappears again.
This is still the place where the buffalo roam, but now there is more.  There exists a giant white object that uses the mad wind’s will for man’s benefit.  How strange that its blades can rotate, slice the sky, and turn that slice into, well, something.
This is not your grand-mother’s high-plains.  The traditionally empty, wind-swept, lonely, infertile plains are filling up.  Becoming useful in new ways.     

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Abbie Groves

About Abbie Groves

I am a self-taught artist.  For me, this means that I have no formal training with the exception of a couple of painting courses or workshops.   I have primarily learned about drawing and painting from books, magazines, or online sources in addition to learning from experience.

The most important part of being and artist, I believe, is learning how to see.  This is probably not something that can be taught beyond the fundamentals, you must strive to learn this for yourself.  I believe it is a life-long task of learning.

I started out quite young drawing portraits from photographs.  I was introduced to pigment via watercolor.  This grew into more experimentation with other arenas of visual creativity: oils, acrylics, pastels.

Currently, I am represented by the Grace Gallery on Santa Fe, near downtown Denver.  I also like to participate in local charity events.  My goal is to continue to grow as an artist by taking additional classes from more successful artists and reading books about the Masters.

More of my work can viewed online at my official website: