I was touring British Columbia with my then-husband Bryan. We were personally promoting his new recording to various radio stations across the country and we were stopping at dairy goat  farms along the way where I had been booked to evaluate herds and score individual animals.   The story of that trip would make a book all by itself, believe me!

But the impetus for this 24 x 30 oil painting is that Bryan is a golfer.  He says any aspiring songwriter should learn to golf.  On the golf course you see a person's true character.  If a guy cheats or gets upset and wraps his club around a tree in frustration, Bryan figures this is not a person with whom he wishes to co-write a song, no matter how talented he might be.

I took a lot of photos of the absolutely stunning surroundings with an inlet of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.  I even learned to hit a golf ball myself which was a bit of a trick since I was wearing high heels that day.  After a radio station visit, Bryan saw the golf course and HAD to go hit a bucket of balls.

The "green" with the red flag shows where the hole is that a golfer is aiming for (in case you don't know about golf).

The elaborate and beautiful sandtrap was a result of my use of creative licence.   I didn't think that the original sandtrap was interesting enough.   I thought it would look much better the way I represented it.

Any golfer who sees it says that with the small green and huge (elegant, to me) sandtrap, I could have named it "The challenge from hell".  Apparently, (what do I know?), it would take a great golfer to NOT be intimidated by that sandtrap.  Also apparent is that they do not see the beauty in it that I do!  Good thing I didn't also add the lake and bridge I was thinking about. 😉  

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I'm a late bloomer, only having started my art career in 1993.  When I was a little kid and said I wanted to be an artist, I was told to get a real job. So for many years I was an office manager, executive,  magazine editor, writer, livestock judge (oh ya),   Many times I would be told I had creative ways of problem solving.  I did think of myself as a creative crafter.    I taught myself a lot of skills in handcrafts and started teaching crochet, knitting and sewing part time in the late '90's.  My art was mainly pen & inks on canvas (self taught) but I 'graduated' to painting in about 2000. After about 6-7 years of just detailed pen & ink on canvas commissions of historic buildings and pets, I was still rather afraid to try paint and colour and was pleasantly surprised when I found it so easy!  I just hadn't known that I was learning to use a full range of values in my pen & inks.  I didn't know until much later that I had actually started with the hardest thing of all.... not pencil that can be corrected, not even pen & ink on paper.... oh no, for some crazy reason, I started with pen & inks ONLY ON CANVAS.  I came to love the look of the texture and liked very much that I did not have to frame them under glass since they were India ink on stretched canvas.  It is my personal preference that there is nothing to come between the image and the viewer and I encourage people to touch them.  The impetus for starting to paint in oil and acrylic came when a friend wanted to commission me to paint her husband's dog as his birthday gift,  then she wanted her child painted, then her home.   In 2001 a number of friends asked for lessons so I started teaching drawing and perspective. I often say that judging livestock for 20 years taught me how to see the most minute differences in a line up of animals. I did like geometry in school so I guess that and the judging just all of a sudden, clicked with me.  In 2002 I entered some competitions and won quite a few prizes. In 2005 I went full time and opened my own modest commercial retail gallery.  My students are long term and become very accomplished.  I encourage them to teach others, enter competitions (many winners!) and set up their own booths at art shows with me.  Katie, soon to be 18, has been with me 8 years and is a great role model to the other junior students.  We are putting together her art portfolio for college and it is very impressive.  The adults have been with me for 5, 6 and 9 years.  I keep small classes of 6 or less.  I do think my real talent is in connecting with people and finding their true inner artist.  All of my students have been led and encouraged to develop their own personal styles and that is the thing that I am happiest  about, that their art reflects their individuality. The sweet thing is that when I judge art shows now, my livestock experience makes me want to explain all my placings and give positive feedback but few art shows allow for that kind of exchange.  I do a lot of public painting and drawing demonstrations for educational reasons and to promote my art.  I personally feel that the tracing, copying and transfer of photos onto canvas to paint over is unacceptable as real original art but rather than be negative, I prefer to show people how truly original art is conceived, drawn, created and painted.  It's always a crowd pleaser and people love to watch the process.