Well Being

60" x 48" floral contemporary

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John P Irizarry

About John P Irizarry

My art is meant to open the eyes of my viewers to the joy and meaning I felt as I created it. Bright, happy, and colorful are just of few of the descriptions that others have said when speaking of my work. I am grateful for their understanding as those are exactly the kind of feelings I am trying to convey in my work. Abstracts and cityscapes, my primary forms of expression, are meant to relate the feelings in me as I painted them and my goal is to push those forms to new and challenging images.

A self-taught artist, I found my talent in the middle of my life. My first work, more of a home improvement project than a serious attempt at painting, was viewed by family and friends with praise and encouragement to do more. With both feet, I jumped into painting, learning as much as I could from as many sources as I could find, and found that I loved this new form of self-expression with a passion and drive that I had never previously experienced. In the three years that have followed, I truly believe that I have found what I was meant to do. I continue to learn and grow as an artist and always want to push myself beyond the static and into new areas of expression. However, that first work still hangs in my studio to remind me where I started as I move my work forward.

I must admit that I don’t always know what will happen when I sit down at the easel, but I do know some expression will find its way out. Acrylic on canvas is the medium I prefer. I have tried others but acrylic seems to suit my style the best in regards to the brightness of color and ability to mold and shape the paint into my vision. It also allows me to use a variety of tools to achieve my desired look. Brushes, trowels, scrapers, knives and even my own hands are all important parts of my tool chest.

As I continue to explore my abstracts and cityscapes and express my love for the avant-garde through the whimsy of bright colors and embellished realities, I am always looking to add new techniques to enhance my work. Currently, I am using a lacquer-glaze to finish my work. It gives them strength and shine and an almost glass-like quality. While I don’t use it on every piece, when paired with the right painting, it really adds to the quality and depth of perception.

Thanks and please enjoy looking at my work!