Watercolour Wet Street

Watercolour of a wet street was painted by Shriley Roma Charlton. This painting was painted on arches hot press watercolour paper. The first wash was Lemon Yellow and a touch of Aliz crimson and just adding Cobalt blue to this mixture to build up from lights to darks. The people were painted by rolling the brush. the final detail was with thick creamy paint. see www.shirleycharlton.com

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Shirley Roma Charlton

About Shirley Roma Charlton

Shirley Roma Charlton

Shirley was born in Malawi central Africa. She paints on location and sometimes from photo's her paintings are all over the world . She moved to Australia as a fine Aritist and has won lots of awards and now teachers art fulltime with adult education and she has taught at Mc Gregger Summer School.  See her web site www.shirleycharlton.com