Wakeup! (magpie and pig)

This is my painting "Wakeup!" (watercolor 14"*23") It was selcted for 2009 "Birds in Art" exhibition in Wausau, Wisconsin. Birds in Art is the biggest event for bird painting artists. It is always a great honour to be selected for this presitigeous exhibition. This was my 5th time in Birds in Art. For more of my bird art ,  please see my website at:

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Peter Elfman

About Peter Elfman

Peter Elfman

Swedish wildlife artist.

Born 1966. I live in the small village of Vaggarp near Lund in southern Sweden.

I have a MSc in Chemical engineering and work as a research scientist. In my spare time I watch, paint and draw birds. My passion for nature and birds has always been deep. A talent for drawing and painting made me interested in bird art. I am a total autodidact and have never attended any art courses. I mostly work in watercolour and sometimes in oil. For illustrations in bird magazines I also use pencil and ink. In recent years I have also done some bird sculptures in polymer clay. I like sketching birds while I watch them and I think the sketching is very important for the understanding of the bird's balance, anatomy and jizz. I see every bird as a new and exciting personality. I think all birds are fascinating although my favourites are raptors, owls and waders.

In 1991 I was selected as "Bird painter of the year " in Sweden. During the last 15 years my paintings have been featured in exhibitions in Sweden several times a year.

In 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2009 I was selected for the prestigious exhibition "Birds in

Art" at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin, US. My paintings have also been selected for the Museum´s "Birds In Art Tour" in US. Naturally, it's a great pleasure and honour to be a part of this big exhibition together with some of the top bird artists in the world.

I have illustrated articles in several Swedish bird magazines and written about bird watching and travelling. I have travelled and watched birds in Spain, Turkey, Gambia, Israel, Morocco, Malaysia and Bali.

In 1996 I illustrated a book for children about the White Stork and other book about natural history.. I'm a member of the program committee in the Scanian Ornithological Society, SkOF, where I arrange excursions every year. I was awarded the “Gustaf Rudebeck award 2009” for my work in SkOF.

My other interests include music and playing the guitar, sports, literature, gardening and my family.

Websites: www.facebook.com (view Peter Elfman, Photos)



Peter Elfman

Pramvagen 15

S 241 93 Eslov


mail:  evabritt.peter@telia.com