Waiting for High Tide

A new month, a new painting style!   After an under painting of neutral with strong strokes that I let dry overnight to add to the textural quality, I just painted until an image appeared.  I had in my mind lately I wanted to try painting boats so I started with the water and let it go from there. Also I am trying to make as few marks as I can and still have the subject read as what it is. I left the strokes as I laid them down so it wouldn't turn into a "sea of mud" — sorry! Limited palette also, after having read an article by Courtney J. on this site regarding Anders Zorn, so this is yellow ochre, black, vermillion, white and UB. I added the UB because I found it hard to get a good image of the water without it. So after all this rambling I would really like your thoughts, opinions, anything I could do different to improve on it. This is an 8 x 10 oil on canvas — thanks for looking!


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I was born in New Jersey, my family moved to California when I was young and now I am living the country life in Spotsylvania, Virginia with my own family.  I paint in an impressionistic style and the subject of my work is always light and the mood associated with it.  I use photographs, sketches and memory to capture the light and shadows and the essence of a particular place.   With a supportive husband and two children who love to paint along with me, I have the wonderful opportunity to pursue what I love to do.  I appreciate all feedback on this site,  I think that is the best way to keep learning and improving.

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