This is a painting I did from a photo taken at our local beach where the local fishermen bring their catches for people to buy.  The pelicans patiently wait for the men to arrive each day, knowing they will have some treats.  It is on canvas, ink drawing, acrylic underwash, and oil. (This painting is sold)

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About Carey

 My husband and I retired to Mexico in 2008, a new adventure in our lives.  He had bought me an easel and starter oil painting kit when we were still in Canada.  I had told him I would really love to start painting as I had always enjoyed art when I was in my school days. But, there never seemed to be any free time to start a hobby.  Then finally a few of years ago, at 60, once we were settled and had learned our way around in our new town and state, I got out the easel and started opening paint tubes and did my first painting called Heliconia.  Maybe I'll post it one day. I have found that each time I paint I learn more about the use and effect of certain colors, etc. , well, you guys know what I'm talking about, and now find that in some of my earlier paintings, I am redoing some parts that I am "seeing" need improvement.  I joined a little painting group here with some "snowbirds" that have helped me with good guidance, encouragement and we have fun.  My husband has been very supportive and smiles at me when I turn the dining room regularly into an art studio.  So here's to happy painting everyone, young or old, we should do what we enjoy!!!!