Virgin of Guadalupe 100% HAND PAINTED Oil on canvas painting

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“Virgin of Guadalupe”
By  M. Sytniewski
80% Reproduction of “Mary of Guadalupe”
20% M. Sytniewski Original
100% hand panted
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 2008, 20"/16"
PRICE: $400


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Mixed medium oil and acrylic on canvas. “Virgin of Guadalupe” is a 80% reproduction of the famous visualization of Mary of Guadalupe that is 20% M. Sytniewski original. Notice the fine detail and symbolism on clothing and in the background best appreciated from up-close or with magnification. Here In M. Sytniewski’s version Mary  racially unbiased, that is, her skin, hair and features cannot be narrowed to one race or ethnicity. Her face is gentle, harmless and inviting. Her neck is elongated to signify femininity, beauty and statue. Her hands are barely touching to show the fragility of good. The Virgin is holding an extended version of the rosary to indicate the weight and complexity of human suffering.

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