8 X 10 Pastel painting. Something that I rarely do, a still life.  I was inspired by an artist named Becky Haletky featured in Maggie Price's book "Creative Freedom". Becky did her still life painting "Pub" in watercolor. She advises to try something completely different or new to keep your creative juices flowing. I love this book by Maggie Price. I probably will try more of the exercises in this book.  I would love to hear from the still life painters out there and any one else that would like to give me tips or advice.

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About laura

I am a self taught artist and have always had a passion for art and creating. I am inspired by nature and everyday beauty.  I have worked in watercolor, acrylics and charcoal but truly love the pure color and immediacy of Pastels.  I currently work full time in the medical field, but constantly find myself thinking about the next creation.