VENUS Botticelli reproduction 100% HAND PAINTED oil on canvas painting

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by M. Sytniewski

80% Reproduction of Brotticelli's "The Birth of Venus",

20% M. Sytniewski Original

100% hand panted oil on canvas, 2008. 20"/16"

PRICE: $400



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 “Venus” is a 80% reproduction Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and 20% M. Sytniewski original. Notice the fine detail, realism, colors, textures, strokes and colorations. Her face is mature yet ageless, her fingers are exaggerated and exact to hint sexuality. Her body weight is proportionally even and attractive throughout. Her waist is remarkable. Every wave is worked through precisely. The clouds are real, and yet, so much better than real. The land is heavily textured and, in focus, trees and bushes are jumping out at the viewer from the land in the distance. Every strand of her hair is visible. The deliberate contrast between her gentle skin and the vivid background and hair attracts the viewer over and over again stimulating the visual senses and changing the viewer’s perceptions in countless ways. Every detail is worked through to excellence.

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