Vase with flowers

I didi this about 12 years ago. I rescued it from a forgotten place in the closet. The Vase was really flat, the flowers were (and are) not very well drawn, there were not a single soft edge, and light and shadows were poorly defined. So instead of throwing it away I decided to try to see if I could make it look a little bit better, without really touching the drawing. It was a good experience though. Hard edges are very difficult to get rid of once they´ve there for 12 y. C+C are welcome. Thanks for reading

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I AM A SELF TOUGHT ARTIST. I LOVED PAINTING SINCE I CAN REMEMBER IT´S BEEN ONLY 15 YEARS SINCE I DECIDED TO START  PAINTING WITHOUT ANY FORMAL EDUCATION  (MOSTLY   I´VE LEARNT A LOT THROUGH VIDEOS AND BOOKS) I´M STILL LEARNING BECAUSE THIS IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS. "Painting takes me out of this drabness, and helps me appreciate beauty, colours, as well as soothes me, taking me to a different plane out of this sordid world. It is a different matter that I have not achieved the high standards of painting. But even my attempts make me realise that there is something else beyond this material world."