Brazilian cowboys. Oil on canvas cm 60×40

The northeast of Brazil has always fascinated me, especially the vaqueiros, homologues of the cowboys of the Wild West; men are tough, strong and accustomed to fatigue. In this scene I Portrait two vaqueiros, riding their horses, as they try to land the cow pulling him by the tail.

The main subject is made ​​from a photo of "vaquejada", traditional competition of skill with cattle.

The background is taken from a photo depicting the rugged Northeastern with the ground burned by periodic drought, on which sprout isolated clumps of bushes, where the animals are forced to eat what little they find.

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Self-taught, was born in 1960 and lives in Croviana (Trento - Northern Italy).  He began to paint with oils in 1976. During the period of high school, he has exhibited his works and was also awarded the Competition of Art expressive "1st prize Val di Sole " Then, after enrolling at the university, he stopped painting. In 1987, he graduated in architecture in Venice and began working as an architect. In 2013, his passion for painting led him to paint again. He started humbly with watercolor, a technique that enhances the accuracy and the effects of light. Its art got a reference in the concrete reality and includes expressions ranging from portraits to landscapes. His subjects are  the aspects of nature and the evocative images of life.  He is married, has a son, a daughter in law and a beautiful granddaughter who often delights to portray.