Vampiric Brothers

Skylar (vampire with blue hair) is Rayne's (female vampire with brown hair) older brother. Skylar is technically about a year older than Rayne.

Rayne's friends, Vladimir Tod (half vampire, black hair dude; originally created by Heather Brewer) and Henry McMillan (blonde, human; also originally by Heather Brewer) are walking up to Rayne, they sit together at lunch because Rayne doesn't have any other friends. Skylar doesn't like humans (except for their blood) and doesn't seem to like Vladimir. Could be because Rayne may or may not have a crush on him. He doesn't know, and neither does Vladimir. Henry might, but they (including Rayne) doesn't know that. Is it obvious? Maybe…

Vladimir Tod and Henry McMillan are from the book series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles (second book series) by Heather Brewer. Rayne and Skylar are characters from my Fan Fic that I'm posting on (look up Amanda1756)

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