Up with the Chickens

This is a quarter sheet that originally started out as a half sheet watercolor.  I was so dissatisfied with it that I cut the offending part off the painting.  The result was this and consequently won "Best original art work" in the Spring show on Main St.  All transparent watercolor on gemini paper. 

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Bruce Wagner

About Bruce Wagner


My name is Bruce Wagner and I began painting with watercolors in 1987. I had no formal training or workshop experience, I just wanted to create works of art. I chose watercolor because I thought it would be easy. I soon found out how difficult the medium could be.


I put my brush down in 1996 and did not pick it up again until 2006. When I did start painting again it was like riding a bicycle. You never forget how, although I did need training wheels for a short spell.


I have attended workshops by Tom Lynch, Tony Couch, and Tom Owens.


My work is mostly representational with a tendency to  impressionistic.  I love painting the landscape of Colorado, from the alpine mountains to the prairies.  Recently I have been painting the historic architecture of the area.