Untitled – for now

Chroma open acrylics on canvas.  This is my attempt (after the extremely helpful suggestions from several ADers) to capture my house after the unprecedented 11 inches snow fall earlier this month.  To those of you in the North or the mountains 11 inches is nothing, I know, but in my part of North Carolina it's a veery big deal.  C&C welcome.

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Helen Sullivan

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I'm a retired federal employee.  Although I've always doodled (especially during boring meetings) I didn't take classes until about 8 years ago, when one of my friends talked two of us into taking a watercolor class at the local community college.  I had such a good time that I took another, and another, and another.  The teacher invited me to intern with him, which I did for almost 5 years.  My internship ended in July 2009, when my husband and I started to work in earnest on our retirement and move to North Carolina.  Now, we make Western North Carolina our home.

I am inspired by the beauty of the forest around our western North Carolina house.  It is the subject of several of my paintings.  Although I best enjoy working in acrylics, I also paint in watercolor and in waterbased oils.  I have done a few clay sculptures and some wood carving.  I love it all.  I definitely still consider myself an art student, because I have so much more to learn.

My avatar is a paper collage self portrait.