Two in a Box

8×8 colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord. Two pears in a small box sitting on a ceramic tile. I usually keep my still life set ups simple and uncluttered.  

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Gary Ruuska

About Gary Ruuska

For as long as I can remember I have loved to express myself in a creative way. Usually it was through drawing, and sometimes painting. I never really did anything about it until, in my thirties, I entered art school where I stayed until I was offered a job as a museum photographer. That job lasted twenty years and taught me a lot about art. The problem was that I could never find time for drawing or painting. 

I left that job in 2004 and two years later started to draw again. I started back with graphite, though eventually colored pencils became my medium of choice. I'm just starting to paint with acrylics which I find very liberating. Since my pencil work tends to be pretty tight and controlled, I think I'm benefitting from the looseness that paint seems to allow me. It's too soon to tell where the painting will lead, if anywhere.