Tulipa I


I have long been attracted to the distinct beauty of the red and white Parrot Tulip.  I am mesmerized by the high contrast as well as the ruffled edge of this Tulip's petals which provide a strong sense of movement to the viewer.  In drawing the Parrot Tulip, I attempt to emphasize that strong color contrast and the undulating petal-edge movement.  I've enjoyed creating each drawing in The Tulipa Series, finding each more challenging than the last.  The Tulipa Series includes:  Tulipa I; Tulipa II; Tulipa III; Tulipa, Preparing the Bouquet; Emerging from the Night, and Anatomy of the Bulb.

Although the Tulipa drawings, to a certain extent, are representational, I consider them abstract drawings due to the high contrast of the blacks and greys of the charcoal on smooth white Bristol paper. 


Tulipa I
Charcoal Pencil 
14 x 11 White Bristol Paper                 

In Tulipa I, I was interested in achieving the broad expanse of the petals, reminiscent of the outstretched wings of angels.   

Carol Taylor

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