"TRUE & TENDER" (C) 2010 Jon Hul (art in progress)

Helo Everybody!

Been a while since I have submitted some images (any image for the matter) to share here on Artist Daily. I have been working diligently on some newer art piecs for both a new art book publication, as well as a booked art show scheduled for later this year. Very excited about it all!

I am sharing you all a new artistic image that is rendered in acrylics, on illustraion board, almost completed. A very large art piece, one of my favorites of all art rendered (from past to present). This piece will be completed soon, and I shall share it again upon completion!

This new art piece is entitled: "True & Tender": the gorgeous blonde model is of Destiny Davis!

Enjoy, Jon Hul

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Born in the state of Pennsylvannia, but grew-up most of my life in the west coast. I am a self-taught artist since the tender age of 5 years old. Had some mentoring along the way, but always very intuitive with learning and practicing all aspects of the art field, to finally finding fine art as my passion and permanent main stay.  My influences range from M.C. Escher to Sorayama (and all in between). My "claim to fame" (so to speak) gained by rendering alot of female images otherwise recognized as pin-up or erotic art. I have had the good fortune of being represented by the Tamara Bane Art Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) for several years. Currently working on new art for a forth coming art book publication, to be published and distributed by late spring time , this year. I shall keep everybody posted of & when the approximate date of its release.  Jon Hul