Troy at Play

Again, I am posting a former watercolor painting done when my son was 2 years old (he is  now 38).  My goodness how time flies!  Anyway, I loved painting children in watercolor at that time.  I will now hopefully be able to paint my granddaughter if I can regain the skills.  Do you think you ever lose them, or is it like riding a bicycle?  🙂

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I am a retired legal secretary and just now beginning to paint again after about 30 some odd years.  I am self taught, although have attended classes at local art leagues.  I paint mostly in oils, however have done both pastel and watercolors as well.  Landscapes are my first love, but also have done some floral still life, and a bit of portraiture.  My biggest issue right now is forcing myself into the studio......that white canvas is intimidating, and OMG, what if I make a mistake!!  :)    I know, no guts, no glory!  The point right now is to practice, practice, practice.  I have found this website totally awesome and love the videos, and downloads that are available.  Such a good learning tool.