Trompe L’Oeil Fireplace

This was painted on canvas and fixed in situ on the back wall of the existing fireplace as a surprise 60th birthday present for the owner of the house (and dogs) from his wife. Painted in Golden acrylics in my studio. For more of my work see

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Janet Shearer

About Janet Shearer

Janet Shearer is an internationally renowned mural artist and author specialising in the field of ‘trompe l’oeil’. Her first book ‘The Art of Illusion’ (now in paperback and called ‘Janet Shearer’s Trompe L’Oeil Painting Course’) has sold more than fifty thousand copies worldwide and is currently available in three languages. It gives practical advice in colourful step-bystep projects on all aspects of mural painting and is based on her five-day residential course. Her second book, ‘The Artists Guide to Perspective’ is a popular and colourful ‘artist friendly’ manual written and illustrated to help with perspective problems confronted not only in murals but also in everyday painting.