"TRIBUTE TO TROOPS" 10"X14" Acrylic on Canvas board

Four ears I have been creating covers for a local community phone book in Lordship, CT. After 12 years it has come to be a reminder of the sacrifices that our troops give. Although not to be elaborate in this execution of this acrylic painting, subtle thin layers of color slowly build up to a low key sunrise on the shore of the famous Lordship Light house with the deliberate symbol of freedom carrying the American Flag and the silhouettes of some troop members in the background made with cool and warm grays. As a customary way for me to prepare the canvas, I use a course bristle painter's brush with acrylic Gesso. Creating my own texture which helps the feel and mood of the surface to compliment the subject being painted. Overlaying muted and tonal whites as highlights as glazes. In raw form no varnish was applied.

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About Andreas ELDRACHER

                           Born in Toronto, Canada and moved to the United States at an early age. Art was a great influence growing up and seemed to come as natural as drinking water. Absorbing as much information as a human sponge can take. Working with all phases of medium in a direction of uncontrollable yearning to learn more. During my classes in Architectural Drafting, at a state Technical High school, I entered into a correspondence school. Graduating from The Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis  Minnesota, with a 4 year certification in Advertising and Illustration. Not completely satisfied of my capability to go out to actually work, I attended Paier College of Art, in Hamden, CT. Strictly for art and not academics and the ability to converse one-on-one with a physical instructor. My junior year I was accepted into an agency with a first glance at my portfolio. This triggered a chain of events that allowed me to express my capabilities in visual communication, not only in a graphic form , but expression in paintings and wall murals as well as taking concepts to the future with digital transformation of original art in the print industry. The term Commercial Artist was the only conclusion to title myself . It encompasses  the multifunctional use of all art mediums not restricted to one specification. For the past thirty five years, I have put my skills to the test and to this day am not satisfied to accept that I have reached a goal of fulfillment. I wish I can relay the gift God has given me through sharing an unforgettable experience in the production of art as it is in our nature of life. Andreas K. Eldracher / Commercial Artist