Trail to the Mountain

A 9 x 12 oil on canvas, plein air painting of a dirt trail that leads from a clearning into the woods and on up a mountain. The scene is quite greens and blue shadows with dappled light coming down from the upper right. I had to really cool down the dirt to get it to receed into the forest. Warm colors advance and cools retreat. It was a good day.

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Jeffrey Risner

About Jeffrey Risner

Jeffrey Risner was born and grew up in McArthur, Ohio. As a boy his interests were science and art and wandering in the fields and hills exploring nature. Books expanded his universe and his awareness of great art and science in the world. He fell in love with impressionism when he was 7. He graduated from Vinton County High School and spent 2 years at Rio Grande College and later graduated from Ohio University in Athens in 1975. He worked in Libya as a geologist. He traveled a great deal in Libya, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He returned to Ohio University to pursue a master’s degree in hydrology. His working career has centered on computers, information technology and science and in 2007 he completed a second master’s degree in telecommunications policy and regulations. He decided it was time for a change and so he took up art seriously in 2008.
    Jeffrey has not had formal art school training. His training has been through workshops presented by noted plein air painters such as Chuck Marshall, Carolyn Lewis, and Marc Hanson and painting with other plein air artists in the Ohio Plein Air Society. He studies art books and videos plus lots of trial and error. He has found that no matter how poor the results are at the moment much is learned by trying. Jeffrey believes that talent is really determination. No artist was ever born with a brush in their hand. The techniques, craft, and traditions of art must be learnt like anything else. He strongly believes that once the tools are mastered then creativity begins to express itself forcefully. Confidence replaces timorous actions. The brush strokes become bolder and less hesitant. Colors and values can express themselves with out apprehension. Art and science are two sides of the same coin. He see no contradiction or conflict between the two. He uses the same problem solving methods of science to his paintings. He considers himself a plein air painter in the French and American outdoor tradition but with an Appalachian view point. Most recently he received an honorable mention award from the Ohio Plein Air Society’s 2008 annual competition for his painting, “New Philly Sunrise”.

Jeffrey recently returned from Italy after spending a month in art workshops and painting the Tuscany landscapes.
     His has paintings hanging at Studio 4 Gallery, Nelsonville, Ohio and some of his work can be seen at his art web site at Jeffrey is President and on the board of the Ohio Plein Air Society, .