Tinkerbell with butterflies

Tinkerbell with butterflies. I did the painting for my sister. The letter "B" represents her name.  I used acrylic paints, embellishments, modeling paste, pouring technique for the background, stickers.

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About Kathy

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, the enchanted island.  I have a degree on Healthcare Management.  I have two grown kids 27 and 19 years old. I have two grandkids 7 and 6  years old.  One day, I had to take care of them so I decided to take some art supplies to keep them busy.  I was doing a painting, but I didn't like the results.  My 7 years old grandson told me, which I'll never forget, "it's ok Tunti, art is art no matter what you draw or paint."  I always keep that in mind.  By the way, they call me "Tunti" LOL When they were babies, I used to come from work and when I open the door I use to called them "Tunti" very excited. They were happy to see me and that's how they got that nickname. :) 

I always loved art and photography.  I've never pursue a career on either one, but are my favorite hobbies.  I practice painting a couple of times a week.  I like watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings.  I would love to get better so I can give paintings to friends and family.  I've always been afraid of showing what I draw and//or paint because of criticism, but I realized that's the only way I will get better. It will help me grow as a person and artist.

I will welcome any comments and/or suggestions as I'm just starting to draw and paint.  Thanks!