Three and a Half

6×12 colored pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord. The translucent qualities of the cherries and the cut edge of the pear caught my eye and drew me into this still life set up. It's a very simple composition, so I tried to strengthen the scene with strong colors.

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Gary Ruuska

About Gary Ruuska

For as long as I can remember I have loved to express myself in a creative way. Usually it was through drawing, and sometimes painting. I never really did anything about it until, in my thirties, I entered art school where I stayed until I was offered a job as a museum photographer. That job lasted twenty years and taught me a lot about art. The problem was that I could never find time for drawing or painting. 

I left that job in 2004 and two years later started to draw again. I started back with graphite, though eventually colored pencils became my medium of choice. I'm just starting to paint with acrylics which I find very liberating. Since my pencil work tends to be pretty tight and controlled, I think I'm benefitting from the looseness that paint seems to allow me. It's too soon to tell where the painting will lead, if anywhere.