Think You Have Problems? Abstract Portrait

Abstract Portrait in shades of blues and greens

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About Iris

Painting is fun, relaxing and a great way to spend a day!
Oil painting with a palette knife is my most favorite painting method. Plein Air Painting
is a most wonderful way to lose yourself in God's beautiful creation especially when
painting landscapes.  Watercolor painting is fascinating . I enjoy the challenge. It is
interesting how the water carries the pigment and also the beautiful results that can
be achieved.

I began painting in 1994 and learned techniques thru many worksghops, private lessons
and finally by taking classes a Mineral Area College. That is where I discovered oils and
the palette knife for painting. 

I enjoy working in the arts with children of all ages. They are so creative and thoroughly enjoy art. 
Hosting summer 4 day per week 5 hour per day (these youth love art!) Youth 'Summer School of Art' 
classes one or two weeks per summer, Heading Up/working Youth Plein Air Events each year and
volunteering one day a week to teach watercolor painting to five classes of elementary students is
very fulfilling.

Workshops:   Cleda Curtis, Thomas Hohn, Leon Basler, Veronica Greene, Charles Drost, Billyo O'Donnell, James Wilson
Private Instruction:   Shirley Litzau, Jo MCCredie, Matthew Fels
Art Classes Mineral Area College 
Gallery Shows:  Galleria Ste Gen, St Peter's Art Center, The Factory Gallery, Art Loft, Art Guild Annual Christmas Shows
Art Organizations:  Ste Genevieve Art Guild, Visual Arts Cooperative, Arts Council of Southeast Missouri
Awards:   2nd place Plein Air
Galleries:  Galleria Ste Gen